You are Godless. You Can’t Live Like This” - the Former Head of the Russian Customs Service Addresses IT Specialists

You are Godless. You Can’t Live Like This” - the Former Head of the Russian Customs Service Addresses IT Specialists

At the forum in Khanty-Mansiysk, the former head Russia's Federal Customs Service, and now the secretary-general of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, Andrey Belyaninov, delivered a soul-saving speech to IT workers.

“IT people, you are socially stunted,” he addressed the audience. But he immediately apologized for what he said, explaining that he deliberately made such a provocative statement in order to trigger the audience.

“You are respected people, you have a very short productive period, just like professional athletes,” Belyaninov continued his speech. - “There are a lot of talented people. You achieve professional, and to a large extent material success. But as far as I know, being a professional financier, money tends to run out. What's next? After all, not everyone can make his way in life like Bill Gates and Elon Musk”.

Further, Belyaninov, despite his previous apologies, switched to even harsher formulations when he began to share his impressions of communicating with the local metropolitan in Kyrgyzstan.

“I asked the Metropolitan of Kyrgyzstan: tell me, several tens of thousands of people, IT specialists, came to Kyrgyzstan. Has the number of parishioners increased? He says: no, - shared Belyaninov and then added, referring to IT specialists: "You guys are godless. You can’t live like this. Think about yourself, about your children. It's the biggest social problem, which is important for all of us. You are very dear to us."

The capitalist and bureaucrat once again urge mere mortals not to forget about their neighbors, and, of course, connects the notorious decline in morals with the departure from the Orthodox faith. It is worth remembering that morality is actually based not on religiosity, but on the material conditions of society. Even the most massive propaganda, not supported by real changes in the economy and political system, can only have a short-term effect. Life circumstances determine the moral character of people to a much greater extent than any appeals.

If you teach people to love and appreciate each other, but keep the capitalist system, which inevitably provokes competition of all against all for limited resources, then many people will ignore your preachings and harm neighbors in order to increase their personal well-being. If one gains, then the other inevitably loses - this is pretty common in capitalistic society. In such a simple way capitalism itself produces immorality, selfishness, self-centeredness and mutual hostility.

Capitalists like Belyaninov actively support this system and at the same time continue to hypocritically assert that the whole point is that people don't go to churches and temples much. The history of mankind itself has repeatedly and convincingly proved that going to church does not make a person kind and selfless, only the conditions of his existence can make him so.

Source: “Biznes Zhurnal” - "IT people, you are socially stunted." Ex-chief customs officer Belyaninov spoke with the IT community” from June 07, 2023.