Whole Foods Monitors Stores to Prevent Unionization

Whole Foods Monitors Stores to Prevent Unionization

According to internal documents that were disclosed to Business Insider, Amazon-owned Whole Foods is using a heat-map to rank its locations based on the likelihood of unionization. Amazon acquired Whole Foods back in 2017 for $13.7 billion.

Various factors such as “employee loyalty”, turnover rate, and racial diversity were taken into consideration to quantitatively compare stores based on the perceived likelihood of unionization. 

The company was tracking attempts to unionize at the store-level, taking into consideration the size and distance of existing unions, reported labor violations, and any attempts of workers to unionize.

Amazon employees in Bessemer, Alabama are currently working to unionize, and this report reveals that Amazon is seriously considering a corporate strategy to prevent unionization. 

The capitalists know that increasing wages and labor conditions will negatively affect profits and thereby the shareholders ability to enrich themselves through exploitation. As a result, Amazon’s executives are planning to protect these interests by actively monitoring employees and collecting data in an attempt to stop unionization before it begins. 

It is clear that the capitalists are protecting their own interests. It is necessary for the workers to learn Marxist-Leninist theory to expose the exploitation of the capitalist class and end it once and for all. 

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