Trump Congratulates Poland On Nazi Invasion Anniversary

Trump Congratulates Poland On Nazi Invasion Anniversary

On September the 1st 1939, Poland was attacked by Nazi Germany. Unlike the Polish government’s expectations Germany did not honor the German-Polish Non-Aggression Pact of 1934.

The Polish Government failed it’s workers once again after seeing what happened to Czechoslovakia and by not letting the Red Army help Czechoslovakia defend from Germany and Hungary in 1938, but instead helping the Nazis and starting a war over Zaolzie together with Germany.

As a result the Polish state collapsed and was not able to defend its borders. Soviet Union had to send the Red Army to take control of Soviet Lands lost in the Polish-Soviet War of 1920.

On September 2nd the US President Donald Trump had given an interview stating; “I do have a great message for Poland & we have Mike Pence, our vice president, is just about landing right now…I just want to congratulate Poland”. The president of the United States displays a lack of knowledge of world historical events and their significance.

The decision to congratulate a country on the anniversary of a Nazi invasion demonstrates this ignorance. The capitalist class stands to benefit from the obfuscation of the actual historical events of World War II and the Great Patriotic War.

By controlling the historical narrative about the events of World War II, the capitalists use revision, misinformation and ignorance to further their class agenda. Trump’s gaffe surrounding this event is merely representative of this phenomenon.