The Oxymoron of EU Policy

The Oxymoron of EU Policy

Recently, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) proudly announced that the EU unemployment rate is at a steady 4.8% and the some countries in the EU will achieve full employment.

“The unemployment rate held steady at 4.8% in November to remain at the lowest level in almost 13 years, new figures from the Central Statistics Office show.”

“The jobless rate in November was down from 5.6% a year ago as the European Union’s fastest growing economy approaches full employment, where just about everyone who wants a job has one.”

These claims are made to fool the reader of such articles, not only does it aid in the feeding of illusions that a capitalist nation can reach full employment but also negates any fallacies in the 4.8% unemployment rate, like not mentioning low wages and that people are forced to overwork in order to make ends meet.

In addition, underemployment is nowhere to be mentioned in the article and normally is scarce in any bourgeois news as any “success” of increasing employment would be completely negated, as capitalism is completely unable to solve that problem.

Deceitful claims made by capitalists will only continue to poison the political consciousness of the proletariat. No reformist actions will fix capitalism and reach communism, as it will be retracted once the capitalists see no threats in the proletarian movements. The European Union with this policy further emphasizes the fact that it is an oxymoron since small amounts of government aid will only be further greeted with austerity, as seen in article 107 of the EU.

Under capitalism, unemployment will always remain, as it forces people to secede under the condition the capitalist forces them to work at, making any worker completely expendable. This means that in order for the worker to gain back some of his real wages he must unionize with his comrades at work and mass strike.

Yet victories made by trade unions are only temporary and to truly achieve what rightfully belongs to the worker one must fight with the knowledge of Marx and Lenin and only then will wage slavery be abolished.