Demand for Teenage Labour Has Increased in Russia

Demand for Teenage Labour Has Increased in Russia

In the first quarter of 2024, the demand by businesses for young job seekers increased by 119% compared to the same period in 2023. This refers to vacancies where employers explicitly state that they are willing to hire teenagers aged 14 and older.

According to media reports, over 42,000 such vacancies were posted on the Russian job-seeking site HeadHunter in the past year, compared to 14,500 the year before. By 2025, the population group born between 1995 and 2014 will comprise 31.45 million people or about 34.2% of the country's total workforce.

It appears that Russian authorities are actively trying to recreate aspects of the Russian Empire. Monarchic symbols, Orthodox teachings, widespread church construction, and patriarchal values are evidently not enough. Now, they are implementing economic conditions reminiscent of the "Russia we lost". The growing trend of employing entire families is a clear sign of declining living standards.

More and more teenagers and young people, due to a lack of funds, are forced to take low-paying jobs just to get by. Instead of getting an education and enjoying their best years, they are increasingly taking on jobs like loading goods or delivering packages. Sadly, these are among the better options available for earning a living.

This phenomenon is also detrimental to the economy. Without highly qualified specialists being trained, there will be no one to advance science, implement new technologies and methods, or create cutting-edge equipment. However, the ruling class in Russia – the resource oligarchs – does not seem overly concerned. They will simply export and sell off Russia's remaining resources at a bargain price, leaving any consequences of their actions to the next generation.

The market economy offers nothing more; everything is in private hands and operates solely in the interests of profit. The goal is to achieve maximum profit as quickly as possible, as business has no other aim. The interests of millions directly clash with those of a small group of the country's wealthiest. During economic and political crises, the situation for ordinary people only worsens. The fact that employers are willing to hire inexperienced teenagers and pay them much less than experienced adult workers to cut costs is a stark testament to this divide.

This trend will persist until workers unite to construct a new state that prioritizes their interests over those of a handful of wealthy oligarchs, consumed by luxury and privilege. Justice and truth are what the workers truly need. As the old saying goes, "It is up to those who are drowning to save themselves".

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