Super-Rich Capitalists Growing in Number

Super-Rich Capitalists Growing in Number

According to Statista, the number of the super-rich has increased since 2020 and in some regions such as North America or Russia by more than 10%. The ‘super-rich’ are so-called because they own more than $30 million. The image becomes especially interesting when compared with the overall wealth distribution in the world published on the same website.

 The Global Super-Rich Club is Growing

According to this data, only 1.2% of the world population has wealth above 1 million dollars. If we look even deeper, it turns out that only a few thousand people have an income of more than one billion,

Only 20 people on earth have over 50 billion dollars.

Even in the most difficult times, the most rich continue to get richer. Knowing how much the wealthy have risen since the pandemic, is it any wonder that energy companies are cashing in on the war in Ukraine? Politicians are waving their fists and making their noise, playing a spectacle of their struggle for the interests of the people. State against business, business against the state, and the audience cheers over who will win.

Every day it becomes clearer that capital wins and the worker loses. Money is ultimately the equivalent of exchange, meaning its quantity is finite and inextricably linked with the number of goods produced. The limits of this sum means that if it has arrived somewhere, then it has decreased elsewhere. Only a socialist society, where the distribution of goods is inextricably linked with their production, can balance this deadly process through comprehensive economic planning.

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