Russian Duma Proposes to Allow Heinous Convicts to Teach Children

Russian Duma Proposes to Allow Heinous Convicts to Teach Children

The State Duma is expected to pass a recently introduced bill allowing those convicted of grave and heinous crimes to teach in schools. If the bill passes as expected, people with convictions such as drug dealing and inducing suicide will legally be allowed to work as teachers.

The bill was submitted to the State Duma by four deputies from the United Russia Party*: Pivnenko, Rodnina, Tretyak and Fetisov. They argue that the ban on teaching and coaching for Russians who have served time for grave and heinous crimes should be lifted. At present, it is illegal for such citizens to work in the field of education.

The category of grave and heinous crimes includes such crimes as robbery, extortion, bribes on a particularly large scale, as well as the production and possession of drugs.

The bill states that the Commission on Juvenile Affairs will be able to consider applications for the right to engage in teaching activities from released prisoners. In order to obtain the right to work with children, a former prisoner will have to behave flawlessly for 10 years and engage in "active social activities" (whatever that means). Those convicted of murder, rape and other "crimes against the family and minors" will be automatically denied this right.

The purpose of the loosened restrictions on who can become a teacher is to resolve a crisis caused by a shortage of teachers that we have previously written about. The main cause of this issue was that the market system reduced schools to the level of "combines of educational services", and changed the goals of education from youth development to training for the OGE and USE (standardized tests). Instead of attacking the root of the issue, the bourgeois government is opting to solve this crisis with the help of prisoners, rather than the obvious solution of major wage increases for teachers. Unfortunately, the market system demands that resources be allocated to private business ventures rather than education.

The only way to stop the collapse of the education system will be to replace the market system, which sees it only as a tool for profit.

*Vladimir Putin’s party

Source: RBC - "The Duma was called to allow those convicted of serious crimes to be teachers" on October 17, 2023.