Russian Citizens Consider The Police And The Prosecutor's Office To Be The Most Corrupt

Russian Citizens Consider The Police And The Prosecutor's Office To Be The Most Corrupt

According to media reports, studies on corruption were conducted by order of the authorities in Altai Krai (region). The average size of a “household” bribe in Altai Krai is 9534.88 rubles. And if we talk about business – about 56,825 rubles. The largest bribes for the judiciary – 167714.29 rubles.

Administrative officials, police, and the state prosecutor's office were considered to be the most corrupt. Most often, bribes are given when enrolling children in kindergartens and universities, when solving issues with military enlistment offices, problems with determining land rights, and settling issues with the traffic police.

State TV channels talk about corruption as an eternal problem, an integral part of human nature. They say that bad people are at the positions, and although it needs to be fought, it cannot be completely eliminated. This point of view completely ignores the fact that capitalist labor relations themselves cause people in positions of power to engage in corruption.

In order to really fight corruption, it is necessary to resolve the underlying conditions that cause it. This cannot be realized in an economic system based on private property, speculation and exploitation. The richest businessmen actually form the government which protects their interests. Therefore, the government will act in the interests of these rich individuals even if it goes against the interests of working people.

Only the power of the workers themselves can eradicate such a disease of society as corruption and bribery.

Source: Bankfax - "Sociologists have calculated the average size of "household" and "business" bribes in the Altai Territory" dated September 13, 2023.