"Run Migrants through PMCs" - a New Initiative of Russia's MP Milonov

"Run Migrants through PMCs" - a New Initiative of Russia's MP Milonov

State Duma deputy from the ruling party Vitaly Milonov came up with a new "outstanding" initiative. In his opinion, all migrants in the Russian Federation are required to serve in the Wagner PMC in Ukraine. This information was reported by KostaNews.

Milonov also said that only after serving in a PMC would he be able to consider migrants worthy people.

“I recognize only one kind of migrants, and I consider them worthy. These are the migrants who served in the Wagner PMC, who come here not to carry carts and work in shops, but to defend our country,” Milonov said.

It is worth saying that, according to Milonov, up to 40% of migrants are ready to “arrange a Maidan”, that is, to carry out a coup d'état in Russia. Apparently, this is precisely the reason for the desire of the deputy to make worthy members of society out of migrants by participating in the hostilities.

Milonov himself went to Donbas as a volunteer on September 23, 2022, after the announcement of partial mobilization. Then he pathetically stated that "he cannot be aloof from those who today are the best part of our people." There, for a week, he was engaged in humanitarian and general civilian tasks and even fired several times from an MT-12 Rapira anti-tank gun in Gorlovka. But very soon, already on September 30, he miraculously ended up in Moscow at a speech by President Vladimir Putin.

Such an initiative, in our opinion, is one of the points of view of the ruling class on how to solve two painful problems.

Firstly, the front now clearly needs the arrival of new manpower, but the bourgeois government really does not want to touch the bulk of the Russian proletariat, because it is afraid of losing profits and strengthening protest sentiment, so it wants to call for service, in particular, those who do not even have Russian citizenship . A person of any nationality will be able to more or less effectively participate in the assaults in the Donbass, but at the same time, when calling on a migrant, you can hardly worry about financial losses, because most often a migrant is engaged in simple physical labor and can be easily replaced. In addition, such an event will not cause strong protests among the bulk of Russian citizens, since they do not perceive the migrant as "their own."

Secondly, migrants in Russia are very often literally on the verge of survival. Forced to work twelve or even fourteen hours, 7 days a week in very difficult conditions. Among them, many have already suffered grief from the ruling class, first in their homeland, and now in Russia. And besides, due to such living conditions, migrants are forced to stick together, unite to overcome difficulties. All this creates a sufficiently strong force out of them, which at some point can cause trouble for the capitalists and bureaucrats, and therefore they strive to smash this force in advance.

For us, in this regard, the only true principle is the principle of internationalism. No matter who the ruling class will run to the front - Russian citizens or migrants. A proletarian of any nationality is first of all a proletarian and only then a Tajik, Uzbek, Russian, etc. Therefore, such statements do not deserve anything but condemnation.

Source: KostaNews - “Milonov urged “to run all migrants through the Wagner PMC”, March 27, 2023.