Only 10% of Americans Say U.S. Democracy is Working 'Very Well'

Only 10% of Americans Say U.S. Democracy is Working 'Very Well'

A recent poll conducted by the University of Chicago's NORC indicates that confidence in U.S. democracy remains low among the public with only 10% of respondents saying U.S. democracy is working very well. Half of the respondents believe that democracy in the United States is functioning poorly, and they have little faith in Congress, the Supreme Court, the president, or the political parties to uphold democratic values. Many individuals feel that their interests are not being well-represented, and there is a perceived disconnect between public opinion and existing laws and policies.

The polling results also highlight the deep partisan divide when it comes to views on democracy. Democrats tend to believe that democracy is working well, while Republicans hold a more negative perception. Democratic supporters view President Biden favorably in terms of upholding democratic values, while Republicans are critical of his performance. Similarly, Democrats are more likely to express dissatisfaction with the Supreme Court, while very few individuals from either party think Congress is doing a good job.

The public also doubts whether the U.S. government represents the broader population. A majority of respondents feel that their interests and those of most Americans are not being well-represented by the government.

The low levels of reported confidence in U.S. democracy are unsurprising given that democracy under capitalism serves the interests of the oligarchs. The capitalist institutions of governance from Congress to the judiciary serve the main function of the continued existence of capitalist exploitation and the enrichment of the few at the expense of the many. We must not be surprised that such a large percentage of Americans feel that the government is not functioning well in their eyes, especially during the present economic crisis, because it is indeed not intended to function for their interests.

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