Nurses Strike As Tenet Posts $448 Million Profit

Nurses Strike As Tenet Posts $448 Million Profit

Tenet Healthcare Corporation posted a profit of $448 million in the third quarter of 2021 while the nurses at one of its facilities continue to strike. Nurses at St. Vincent’s hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts have been on strike for several months over issues relating to Tenet’s management practices. Nurses report unsafe staffing levels which have led to an increase in patient falls, bed sores, and delays in receiving medication and treatment. 

“To see that Tenet is reaping such enormous profits, while allowing our patients to go without care, when there are 700 of us out on the street ready and willing to return to the hospital to provide that care is both shocking and reprehensible” said nurse and Vice President of the Massachusetts Nursing Association Marie Ritacco.

The management of Tenet reported that they are pleased with the current conditions and that they continue to reap benefits for shareholders.

“With the ongoing implementation of our transformation, we are positioning Tenet for continued high margin growth and strong cash flow generation. We are again raising our Adjusted EBITDA Outlook to reflect strong year-to-date performance and what we believe to be a positive trajectory for the remainder of the year.”

This nursing strike is a manifestation of the class struggle between workers and the capitalist class. While nurses fight for better working conditions, Tenet continues to profit because the lower operating expenses associated with understaffing bolsters the bottom line which enriches their shareholders. 

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