New Strikes By Amazon Employees

New Strikes By Amazon Employees

Representatives of Amazon announced an increase in the minimum wage for warehouse employees in the UK by 50 pence, that is, up to 11-12 pounds per hour. However, such a low salary increase caused only a new wave of indignation among workers.

The decision was made by the company after strikes in Coventry, which began in January. Amazon has mockingly indicated that the increase will take place in April, and it even exceeds the minimum wage established by law for people over 23 years old.

Members of the GMB trade union reacted to the incident by demanding a salary increase of at least 15 pounds per hour, and also said that they were preparing new strikes and protests. GMB representative Amanda Gearing summarized:

"We listen to the opinion of Amazon employees, and it is absolutely clear: the new wage rate is an insult. In response to this, we will hold consultations over the next few days and announce a new wave of promotions".

It is worth noting that at the enterprise in Coventry, the GMB trade union already has more than 500 members, compared to only a few dozen last year.

The current situation clearly shows the contradiction between labor and capital, which objectively exists under capitalism. A capitalist is always interested in paying as little salary as possible in order to increase his personal profit. Ultimately, he wants to pay exactly as much as is necessary for a person to continue functioning and be able to go to work.

And the worker, in turn, always strives to raise wages and at least partially regain the results of his work appropriated by the owner of the enterprise. This is one of those contradictions that invariably lead to a struggle between classes, and each time this struggle becomes tougher and more persistent. The proletariat is becoming more and more aware that without a fight it will not be able to get even a 50p increase to its salary and more often resorts to the help of trade unions and strikes.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to finally solve the salary and even more so any other, more serious problem by strikes alone. As soon as the pressure on the capitalist from the workers weakens, he will tighten the screws even more than before, otherwise he may lose in the race with other capitalists and go bankrupt.

Of course, it is necessary to hold strikes, at the very least because this is how the proletariat learns collective action, strengthens its cohesion and discipline. But it is possible to change the situation once and for all only by using the strike together with other tools of the working class, and only by directing them to the scrapping of the entire capitalist system as a whole.

Source: New Retail - "Amazon employees are Planning strikes over an "offensive" Salary increase" dated March 24, 2023.