New Resolution Would Label Antifa as Domestic Terrorists

New Resolution Would Label Antifa as Domestic Terrorists

President Donald Trump announced that consideration was being given to declaring Antifa a “major organization of terror”, insinuating that Antifa should be labeled a domestic terror group.

Senators Bill Cassidy and Ted Cruz introduced a resolution that would classify Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization. The bill “Calls upon the Federal Government to redouble its efforts, using all available and appropriate tools, to combat the spread of all forms of domestic terrorism, including White supremacist terrorism.”

There has been an increase in right-wing domestic terrorism in the United States, with 50 people being killed in 2018 by domestic terrorists. This is the highest reported figure since 1970.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, “Every one of the perpetrators had ties to at least one right-wing extremist movement, although one had recently switched to supporting Islamist extremism. White supremacists were responsible for the great majority of the killings, which is typically the case.”

Donald Trump and the legislators of bourgeois government wholeheartedly represent the interests of the capitalist class over the workers. Since the capitalists are not opposed to, but rather foster nationalist sentiment, they empower the police and reactionary forces within the country despite its rhetorical opposition.

The facade of American “democracy” is fading quickly as the capitalist state increases its repression and hostility to any form of anti-capitalist dissent.