May Day 2024

May Day 2024

Despite the attempts of the capitalists to hide and downplay the significance of May Day, this day will forever remain in the history of the labour movement as a symbol of solidarity and struggle against exploitation and oppression, a day of unification of all workers, a day of class struggle.

This day is inextricably linked to the ideas of Marx and Lenin on building a new society, which are more relevant than ever in the modern world, a world torn apart by systemic crises and military conflicts, indicating that capitalism in its imperialist stage is leading humanity to the catastrophe of a new world war. The only way out and the only solution is socialism.

The Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia and the subsequent experience of building the world's first socialist state – the Soviet Union – clearly demonstrated the ability of the working class not only to overthrow the exploiters but also to build a socialist society that has achieved enormous success.

Today, everyone faces a choice: continue to live in a world based on the power of a super-rich minority, the exploitation of the majority, contradictions and wars, or unite in the struggle to build a new socialist society based on the principles of working class power, justice and equality.

"Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win." – Manifesto of the Communist Party.