Impoverished U.S Children 22 Times More Likely to be Abused

Children who have families earning $15,000 or less annually are 22 times more likely to be abused compared to those earning $30,000 annually. Children suffer as a result of something they have absolutely no control over, their family income.The reason for this poor outcome is simple. Under capitalism, the worker sells their ability to work to receive a wage. Labor power, the ability to perform work, is sold on a market in the same way that groceries, clothes, and all other commodities are. There is absolutely no guarantee that you will have employment, or that your wage will cover the expenses necessary to survive. Capitalists are interested in maximizing profits for shareholders or private owners, not helping workers. The absurdity of American capitalism is illustrated by the fact that it cuts benefits for the mass of people while giving huge tax cuts to billionaires. This is because the bourgeois government supports the class interests of the capitalists and landlords, not the workers.

Under capitalism the laborer is dependent on being able to work in order to secure the things necessary to live such as food, housing, clothes, etc. If you cannot work or afford life’s expenses you are more likely to be concerned about money as a means of survival. The two leading causes of stress in America are money and work. There is no right to employment, housing, or food for the working class. Under capitalism, the needs of the working class take a back seat to the profit of the capitalist class and rent for landlords. A mass of unemployment is beneficial to the oligarchs as the labor market becomes “competitive”, keeping wages stagnant as productivity increases. While the rich get to live idle lives of leisure, the working class suffers great indignity. Our children deserve better than capitalism.

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