Estonian Prime Minister Urges Citizens Not to Complain

Estonian Prime Minister Urges Citizens Not to Complain
“An entrepreneur once said, 'We are making ourselves poor,'" the politician said.

According to the Prime Minister, one of the reasons Estonia's economic recession is the deepest in Europe is the tendency to complain. Additionally, the Prime Minister stated that the economic recession in Estonia is caused by many external factors, such as the heavy dependence of the Estonian economy on Scandinavian countries and the European interbank system.

It turns out that the causes of economic recessions are neither the system of market relations nor the desire of capitalists of all stripes to increase their own profits. Instead, it is the tendency of the population to complain about problems. 'Why were you born poor and not into a rich family?' say the capitalists. 'That's your problem; we have nothing to do with it.

Such statements mean that capitalism is already beginning to enter its reactionary phase. This will inevitably lead to a tightening of the screws, including the banning or restricting of trade unions and the banning of ideologies that are radical according to the ruling class. Unfortunately for capitalism, there is no other way.

Source: RT - "PM of EU state says complaining has made the country poorer" dated February 13, 2024.