Russian MP: "Childbirth is a ‘Ticket to Poverty’ for Most Russians"

Russian MP: "Childbirth is a ‘Ticket to Poverty’ for Most Russians"

Mikhail Delyagin, a State Duma Deputy, stated on Moscow Voice Radio-Govorit Moskva that “absolute poverty” and a general “lack of meaning in life” were the primary reasons for the substandard condition of the demographic situation in Russia. Furthermore, what the bourgeoisie calls the optimization of healthcare is negatively impacting the birthrate.

"What is the real problem with demographics? First of all, absolute poverty. Childbirth is a one-way ticket to poverty for the absolute majority of Russian citizens, a second child is a one-way ticket to beggary. We have a catastrophe in the healthcare sector. As doctors told me, 30% of childbearing-age women cannot give birth for medical reasons."

The Deputy also mentioned that the Russian state has nothing to offer its people except for the patriotic songs of pop singer “Shaman”.

"In reality, nothing can be offered within this new social contract but the Shaman's song. So there is the absence of a future, why is it so? Because man has no opportunities to be the master of his own life with very few exceptions."

In order for the 'free' slaves of capital to become the masters of their own lives and for Russia to escape this demographic abyss, the capitalist class must relinquish their wealth to ensure decent material conditions for all. As Joseph Stalin said:

“If capitalism could adapt production not to the obtaining of the utmost profit but to the systematic improvement of the material conditions of the masses of the people, and if it could turn profits not to the satisfaction of the whims of the parasitic classes, not to perfecting the methods of exploitation, not to the export of capital, but to the systematic improvement of the material conditions of the workers and peasants, then there would be no crises. But then capitalism would not be capitalism. To abolish crises it is necessary to abolish capitalism”.

The proletariat can only free itself from slavery through organised struggle.

Source: Govorit Moskva - "Deputy Delyagin calls the birth of a child for most Russians a “ticket to poverty