Charles Munger Says People Should Stop Complaining

Charles Munger Says People Should Stop Complaining

Charles Munger explained at the annual meeting of the Daily Journal, a news publication where he is a director, that people should stop complaining about the current state of affairs. In order to justify this sentiment, Munger stated that people are better off now than they were in the past and cited increasing life expectancies and reducing global poverty.

Mungers comment about increasing life expectancy comes at a time where the U.S life expectancy has dropped for a second year in a row. Likewise, global inequality has skyrocketed as the capitalists have gained a larger share of the global wealth in their hands.

“I can’t change the fact that a lot of people are very unhappy and feel very abused after everything’s improved by about 600%, because there’s still somebody else who has more.", Munger explained.  

The capitalist class will always pursue their own class interests, which includes justifying their class rule and explaining why the workers have no right to complain about their position and should accept and bear the negative outcomes of the capitalist system. Munger points to one of the greatest failures of the capitalist system, the Great Depression, and tries to justify that people put up with hardships under those conditions and people today should emulate this behavior. The workers would be well advised to ignore this nonsense spouted by the capitalists and pursue their own class interests by learning and practicing Marxist-Leninist theory.

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