Capitalist Ideologists Portray Free Market As The Main Solution To All Problems

Capitalist Ideologists Portray Free Market As The Main Solution To All Problems

“The leaders of the world’s democracies have virtually shut down democratic capitalism in an attempt to save lives. From Hungary to Michigan, right-wing and left-wing authoritarians are ruling by decree to keep their populations under tight control. Unemployment and government debt are spiralling to levels not seen since the Great Depression and World War II. Europe is disintegrating.”

Noble proclamations and utopian promises are one of the main tactics used by right-wing propagandists serving the capitalists. Statements of democracy and freedom are common deceptions made by bourgeois propagandists which in turn only lead to the strengthening of bourgeois democracy.

Added to it is the issue of that the free market was believed to being able to efficiently allocate scarce resources. When the problem had hit home any of the goods that were demanded would skyrocket in their prices and cutaway a large portion of the population, with underprovision of even basic medical goods such as masks.

With the active development of capitalism, this kind of policy is bound to occur as it guarantees maximum profits to capitalists and destroys any semblance of left-leaning movements. These “free” market policies will be introduced if a socialist government collapses, and hence places a warning to all communists that studying Marxist-Leninist theory that any retreat from it will lead to the same fate of China, USSR, Yugoslavia, Romania and Vietnam. Only pursuit of Marxist Leninist theory and development of it will lead to the ultimate victory of socialism.

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