Canadian Intelligence Trafficked Young Girl to Become ISIS-Bride

Canadian Intelligence Trafficked Young Girl to Become ISIS-Bride

“Files seen by the BBC show he claimed to have shared Ms Begum’s passport details with Canada, and smuggled other Britons to fight for IS.”

These words open the BBC’s revelation which confirmed what the defendant, an informant acting on behalf of an unnamed Canadian intelligence agency, had claimed back in 2015. The defendant initially made these claims in a Turkish prison all those years ago, and they became public through Turkish intelligence reporting.

At the time, the Canadian equivalent to the BBC, the CBC, essentially claimed the story was a fabrication by Turkish officials.

“Intelligence-gathering looks to have been prioritised over the lives of children,” reads another quote from the BBC article.

This may have been how it looks, but the reality is even darker.

This is not the first time that Western powers have been revealed to be funneling militants, arms, and money to groups loyal to ISIS, fighting and committing war crimes in Syria and elsewhere.

Intelligence-gathering is only the very surface of this operation, and obviously not the highest priority since Western countries were semi-openly supporting ISIS and its coalition of islamists back in 2015. It’s very convenient that the intelligence agencies would create intelligence objects out of under-aged British citizens, who would then cause an enormous political spectacle over their rights when they returned. Yet another incident of intelligence agencies using the flexibility of their international operations to accelerate domestic fascization.

The capitalist class has no qualms about morality. They understand Marx’s words perfectly, that their capital has come to them dripping head to foot in blood. And so they will use every inhumane and disgusting measure it may take to keep their hands on the global pile of loot; whether it means genocide through their fascist puppets in the Middle East, or racist propaganda and human trafficking back home.