Canada Appoints New Cabinet to Refresh Public Confidence

Canada Appoints New Cabinet to Refresh Public Confidence

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has appointed a new cabinet, hoping to dissuade longtime voter anger over the Liberal party's inaction on such issues as inflation and the constant increase in housing prices. Trudeau told reporters in Ottawa “We need to continue to put our very best foot forward and work even harder to deliver for Canadians”, though Canadian’s have yet to see the liberals put their “very best foot forward”.

This decision occurred due to long time voter fatigue and lack of confidence over the Liberal party to deliver on economic problems that affect ordinary Canadians.

Twenty-three new ministers have been appointed, many of them in important areas of government such as defense, justice, immigration, procurement, health and transportation, only eight cabinet ministers kept their original positions.

This decision may have been fueled by the liberals fear of losing the next election to the Conservative Party who has been gaining support in the polls.

This new decision is likely to change very little for the Canadian workers as material conditions worsen for average Canadian citizens. While conservatives complain about liberal inaction, the workers would not fare any better with a conservative government as these problems are beyond both parties as they are the inherent contradictions of capitalism manifesting.

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