Billionaires Became Even Richer in 2023

Billionaires Became Even Richer in 2023

Most of the world's richest people, such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, saw their wealth increase even further in 2023. The fortunes of 38 of the top 50 wealthiest individuals and 385 of the top 500 have grown this year - in one instance, by as much as sevenfold.

Elon Musk leads the pack with a net worth of $235 billion. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of arguably the world's most famous social network, saw his fortune soar by 184%, from $45 billion to $128 billion.

But let us not forget the 'grief' of the 15th richest person, Indian billionaire Gautam Adani, whose wealth fell by $36 billion to only a measly $84.3 billion. We can only feel sorry for him. Have you ever lost that much money? We can only hope that the people of India will band together to help a billionaire in 'need.'

Joking aside, this is a natural process of capitalist development; the rich get richer, and the working classes get poorer. Capital is concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer people. In the event of any crisis, there will be privatization of income and nationalization of losses. Since the dissolution of the USSR - which broke the chain of the imperialist system - crises are left to be resolved by inhumane methods; the working class is left to figure this out on our own.

The wealth of the billionaires mentioned is enough to solve all social problems. Why aren't they solved then? Because it would require a fundamentally different social structure. Billionaires profit from these crises. Seeing as these billionaires' wealth comes from the exploitation of the working class, we say, the working class does not need a master!

Source: Moskovsky Komsomolets - “Billionaires in 2023 became even richer: Musk, Zuckerberg, Ratcliffe' from December 28, 2023