Biden Approves 3,000 Troops for European Deployment in Support of NATO's Ukrainian Mission

Biden Approves 3,000 Troops for European Deployment in Support of NATO's Ukrainian Mission

President Biden has made it clear that he is ready to deploy 3,000 American reserve soldiers to Europe in order to support American strategic needs in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“This reaffirms the unwavering support and commitment to the defence of NATO’s eastern flank in the wake of Russia’s illegal and unprovoked war on Ukraine”.

Lt. Gen. Douglas Sims told reporters on Thursday.

The move is most likely intended to relieve strain on NATO operations in EU nations such as Germany, Poland and the Baltics, in order to suppliment their ever-increasing role in Ukraine. This is only an incrimental increase for the tens of thousands of American troops deployed to Europe since the beginning of the Russian operation in March 2022.

While it is unsure if these soldiers will be deployed yet by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, this new Biden order may suggest that America has stretched its present compliment of active-duty troops in Eastern Europe, and this decision would give America more flexibility to assert dominance over the region.

This decision would bring the total number of American soldiers on European soil above 100,000, most of them in Eastern Europe, an important parter in NATO’s commitment to deploy another 300,000 more troops on European soil within the next 30 days or less.

This order was made after the controversial decision by the U.S. to supply Ukraine with cluster bombs, widely-banned weapons which will leave innumerable unexploded bombs throughout the landscape long after the fighting is over.

With no end in sight of this war we must ask how many Ukrainians must die before this proxy war between the Russian Federation and the United States of America will end. Events like these warn us of ever-worse escalations of violence between the great nuclear powers, with terrible potential consequences for the world, and a bloody future for the people of Eastern Europe.

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