April, 12 – The International Day of Human Space Flight

April, 12 – The International Day of Human Space Flight

“I would like to devote this first space flight to the people of communism – a society into which our Soviet people is already entering and into which, I am sure, all people on Earth will enter… I would like very much to embrace you all, people known and unknown to me, close friends and strangers alike. See you soon!” – these are the words said by Yuri Gagarin – the first human in space.

The truth that capital hates is that the first person in space was not a titled aristocrat, not a rich millionaire, but an ordinary Soviet citizen from a working-class family. Moreover, he was prepared for such a test not by a corporation or monopoly, but by the proletarian state.

For the Soviet people space progress was associated with the real future, with a world without money, wars and oppression. The capitalists are interested in the space industry only as long as it is profitable and meets their interests. Imperialists launch satellites for waging wars and even try to divide the Moon.

In the distant future, humanity will inevitably come to life without the pursuit of wealth, without exploitation, without national and racial oppression. But each of us has the opportunity to bring this bright time closer.

Communists have always been at the forefront of the struggle for a bright future for all humanity.

Be like Gagarin. Become a communist.