Americans are Tired of Democracy for the Rich

Americans are Tired of Democracy for the Rich

A recent poll shows that Americans are growing tired of the system they are in.

“Conford is part of the 70% of Americans who feel that people like them have too little influence on the government. In contrast, 81% think wealthy people have too much sway and 78% think large businesses have too much power in Washington.”

“A new survey by the University of Chicago Harris School for Public Policy and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows that 54% of Americans think the system needs major changes and 12% believe it should be completely replaced.”

While these news seem very optimistic we face the conundrum that not as many people know the alternative. The bourgeoise makes it seem that capitalism is the only option for the future of our society while trying to do everything they can to discourage the proletariat to look the other way. And yet with all of the struggles the proletariat have and their actively worsening condition, their consciousness seems to rise. The constantly rising costs of living, reducing wages, the suffering caused due to austerity, inflation and recessions, unbearable prices of medicare and housing, these issues will inevitably cause the rise of public discontent and the need for change.

Where can you find the change and removal of these issues? Only Marxist-Leninist theory will fix the issues that are inherent to capitalism, and simply ignoring Marxist analysis does not mean this is not happening. Only the proletariat can lead to a progressive change but to do that the proletariat of the whole world must unite against capitalism, opportunism and revisionism.