A Call To Action: Join Politsturm Today

A Call To Action: Join Politsturm Today

Our project, Politsturm, has covered the events of the working class from all over the world. We publish materials for our English-speaking audience and we have committed great effort to this endeavor. As much as we have accomplished in the past, there is still much work that needs to be done. We look to you, our readers, to put forth effort and help us in the various areas in which work needs to be done.


These are the areas in which we need work done:




We are looking for new writers from all around the world to inform the global working class on new developments from their respective countries. The oligarchic press goes to great lengths to publish their own propaganda. It is no small task to mitigate their propaganda and put forth articles and news stories that counter the dominant, bourgeois narrative.




We need editors with a keen eye who will review articles and news items and make the appropriate corrections with respect to content, grammar, and stylistic errors.


Video Producers


We have begun creating video material and we have accelerated the pace at which the content is being created. We need help in the areas of video production, editing, and voice-over work. We strive to improve both the quantity and quality of our videos. If you have any experience in this area or if you are interested in video production please let us know.


Graphic Designers


Each of our articles require high-quality graphic images to supplement the written material. In order to ensure the timely posting of our material we need designers who would create graphic material for new items, articles, etc. This includes locating the proper images and editing them to supplement our publications. If you do not have experience with graphic editing software such as Photoshop we are able to provide training in this area. The main requirement is the desire to do meaningful work in the area of graphic design.


On all questions related to joining Politsturm- please write to us at politsturm@gmail.com.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Politsturm-English-1565891996850944/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/politsturm

Twitter: @politstorm