200,000 U.S. COVID Deaths

200,000 U.S. COVID Deaths

The United States recently surpassed a grim milestone with over 200,000 COVID deaths since the start of the pandemic. The U.S. leads the world in COVID deaths, followed by Brazil and India.

In spite of the massive death toll, President Donald Trump lauded the performance of his administration in its handling of the pandemic.

“To fight the China virus we launched the largest national mobilization since World War II. We did an A+ job, except we did a D job in terms of public relations, explaining it because we were too busy doing it”, said Trump at a rally in Pittsburgh.

Even though the Trump administration has lauded its performance in handling the pandemic, the virus continues to take the lives of American citizens at a staggering pace in the foreseeable future. For example, the CDC predicts that “3,400 to 7,400 new deaths will likely be reported during the week ending October 17, 2020”.

The incompetent political leadership and profit-driven capitalist economic system have contributed to the staggering death toll of the coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic and concurrent economic crisis have revealed the inadequacy of capitalism to deliver a coordinated response to a national health crisis. Instead, under capitalism the oligarchs have massively bolstered their fortunes while 200,000 Americans have died.

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