Top 10 wealthiest women inherited their wealth

Alice Walton reclaims the crown as the richest woman in the world, as her fortune leapt from $33.8 billion to $46 billion over the past year. The only daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton, Alice moves up one spot to number 16, thanks largely to a 43% uptick in the value of Walmart’s shares… In fact, of the top 10 wealthiest women, eight inherited all their riches while two — Australia’s Gina Rinehart, who sources her fortune from iron ore, and U.S.’s Abigail Johnson, who heads Fidelity Investments — received a family business but played a hand in substantially growing it.”

«Politsturm»: Of the ten wealthiest women in the word, eight of the ten inherited their wealth directly whereas the remaining two inherited the business which generated their substantial wealth. These women are doing quite well for themselves. Forbes magazine, the self-declared “capitalist tool”, would have loved to write about these women being self-made billionaires, however this is simply not the case. The American mythos of the self-made billionaire is merely an ideological tool of the bourgeoisie to perpetuate and justify capitalism.

The fact of the matter is that capitalism does not reward those who put in the most work or those who do the highest quality work. Capitalism rewards the class of oligarchic parasites who do not have to contribute one iota to receive their immense riches. Those who own the businesses and properties are able to extract profit from the working class who do the actual work required to reproduce our society. These oligarchs use the media, like Forbes magazine, to convince the mass of people that this egregious accumulation of wealth is positive for society. It is evident to the working class that the capitalists are superfluous to the larger society and we would all be better off without them.


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