Join Politsturm: February 2023

Join Politsturm: February 2023

We invite everyone who wants to study Marxist-Leninist theory and actively participate in communist work in our team.

We have tens of Marxist clubs and educate communists across the world. We analyze the experience of the world labor and communist movement, the socialist countries of the past and apply Marxist theory to the modern world.

Why Do You Need to Join?

— to study modern Marxist-Leninist theory together with other comrades in our clubs;
— to improve the quality of the communist agitation together with our team;
— to join the communist movement and prepare Marxists for new, truly communist parties.

We need:



SEO and SMM specialists;

Artists and designers;

Everyone who wants to be a part of the communist movement and fight for socialism.

How to join?

Fill the application form.

If you want to help us financially – support us on Patreon: