Instacart Workers Call On Users to Delete App

Instacart Workers Call On Users to  Delete App

Instacart workers are calling on customers to delete the app citing a slew of complaints against the company from low worker pay, lack of occupational benefits and unfair company practices. The company was recently sued for implementing a “service fee” which was used to cover a variety of corporate operating expenses instead of simply paying its workers. On behalf of the company shoppers, the Gig Worker Collective called on customers to delete the app and went into detail about some of the struggles between the workers and the company.

“We ran a campaign called “waive and save,” informing customers of their right to waive the service fee and how to leave a proper tip that went directly to their Shopper. In response, Instacart established a mandatory fixed 5% service fee, and cut 10% tip defaults down to 5%, essentially splitting the 10% expected surcharge between the company and Shoppers to reduce sticker shock at checkout.”

With Instacart’s approaching initial public offering and continued exploitative treatment of its workforce the workers are simply calling on users to stop using the app altogether. 

The “gig economy” is simply an avenue through which the capitalist class can exploit its workers to an even greater degree by classifying workers as independent contractors and utilizing opaque pay structures. While on one side the corporate executive and investors are able to extract enormous profits, the working conditions and pay of the workers suffers. As long as the private ownership of the means of production continues to exists, there will be a constant struggle between the capitalists who seek to enrich themselves and the workers who struggle to provide for themselves and their families. 

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