Biden Deports 300,000 In Just 100 Days

Biden Deports 300,000 In Just 100 Days

In Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, his border agencies deported half the number of people that Joe Biden has now. In his first full year, still 9 months away for Biden, Trump had deported roughly 226,000 people. The latest official numbers for “removals” under the presidency of Joseph Biden have exceeded 302,000 people in just his first 100 days.

This is a historically high rate of deportation for the beginning of any American presidency.

President Barack Obama, under whom Biden served as Vice-President, deported over 392,000 people in his first year in office. In the first year of his second term, Obama deported over 438,421 people. Trump’s first year saw a record low number of ‘removals’ from the standards set by his predecessors.

In total, Obama deported over 5 million, 312 thousand immigrants and refugees across his eight year administration.

Trump himself received almost universal scorn and condemnation for his 2016 campaign declaration that he wanted to deport 3 million “illegal” people. In the end, Donald Trump managed around a million deportations in four years.

Clearly, immigration policing and detainment has been grossly inflated regardless of which political party holds power.  Exceeding the promises of his Republican predecessor, Biden is on track to outdo Obama’s historically high numbers of forceful removals for poor immigrants and refugees from the United States.

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